Indoor Cats are Exposed to Parabens Through Their Diet- An Update for 2018

There has been more evidence found that dry food is not good for cats. Recent research has now shed even more light on how diets and lifestyle can effect our pets.

For those that don’t know, Parabens are preservatives found in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products– obviously not made for ingestion. Their use is regulated by the USDA in both human AND pet food products. They are known for disrupting the endocrine system and other neurological processes that lead to hyperthyroidism and many other disorders in cats. I wrote a post regarding this information here if you want to read more about it.

It has been found that it is quite common for indoor cats to have more exposure to parabens, simply due to the fact that they are indoors more. Parabens can be almost anywhere in the house!

But more importantly, it has been reported that dry food contains more parabens (specifically methyl paraben) and their metabolites than wet food. Even more so, dry cat food was found to have MORE parabens than dry dog food! It was found that dogs are more exposed through their environment while cats more exposed through their diet. Just take that in.
Parts of the study can be read here and here. But the evidence is pretty irrefutable at this point. So, why continue feeding your pet dry food? ESPECIALLY cats.

To go a little further into the research, the team that did the research analyzed 58 variations of dog and cat food, as well as 60 urine samples. Methyl Paraben and 4-HB were the most apparent chemicals in the food and urine.

This leads me to emphasize how important it is to feed our cats wet food and the best diets they can get. We need to feed them high quality protein and fats, species appropriate diets and to keep in mind products that are sustainable and eco friendly.

I wrote a great list on the best cat food brands of 2018, a various selection of brands that focus on the organic and natural side of the cat food industry. I only selected wet food so if you have any questions on where to start, I would definitely take a look.

Just don’t wait any longer. The evidence is THERE. Help your cat live a more wholesome life. Be responsible to your cat’s health, they need you to do the best you can do for them.

Well, it’s better than dry food